A large bright open plan setting in the centre of town with good parking and on major bus routes. Baby sleep room, Lovely outdoor play space, 4 dedicated age areas/rooms.

    • Open 7am – 7pm Mon – Friday
    • Nursery, Playgroup, Breakfast & After school Club, Holiday Playscheme
    • School drop off/pick up
    • 7 Seater Vehicle
    • Quality Assurance Award Wales Preschool Providers Association
    • Grade 5 Food Hygiene Rating
    • Gold toothbrushing award
    • Achieved all 7 areas Wales Healthy Preschools Scheme
    • Good school & community links

Our team at Haverfordwest are all dedicated practitioners with a passion for offering babies and young children new experiences and learning opportunities.

Having achieved a Wales PPA Quality Assurance Award, Gold Designed to Smile Award, All 7 Areas of the Wales Healthy & Sustainable preschool Scheme and other awards the centre continue to look at new services for parents and can offer families the choice of flexible childcare to meet their individual needs.

The setting is a large, bright Childcare centre in the centre of town on major bus routes and with ample parking. Our open plan space, with four dedicated age areas, provides lots of space for children to play freely whilst offering cosy corners for more intimate/solitary play.

The baby area has a dedicated sleep/rest room and nappy/hygiene room as well as a messy play space and lots of room to crawl or move around. Transition to the next age room is eased by the fact they can see and hear the Tweenies as they play.

The Tweenies and Playgroup areas both have all the resources needed to enjoy a fun, learning environment. The Foundation Phase curriculum is practiced within the playgroup room and learning and development records are kept for all children.

Finally, we have a large Out of School space on the upper floor. With lots of room for games and activities as well as an area dedicated to technology, this area is ideal for school age children who want to let off steam after a full day at school. We are able to take/collect children to most of the local schools, either walking or in our dedicated 7 seater vehicle.

A large garden provides all ages with opportunity to enjoy outdoor play.

Having been part of the community for 8 years, Happy Days likes to work with local groups, businesses and organisations through events and activities with the children.