Monthly Archives: February 2019

People who help us

Children in HAVERFORDWEST have had a busy time learning all about people who help us. With visits from police and police dog, ambulance crew and St. Johns Ambulance the children have enjoyed lots of new experiences including bandaging, listening to heartbeats, sitting in the vehicles and of course, stroking the dog.

Water Play

As part of the theme of water, the children in Milford have been out and about to look at streams. We chose the day with the heaviest rain and also enjoyed some major water play with the hose in the garden. Thank goodness for water proof suits and wellies

Curiosity Approach

  Both nurseries have embraced the Curiosity approach to learning. the children enjoyed visiting local charity shops to find ‘treasures’ for nursery. We now have areas in each age room dedicated to open ended learning through curiosity and investigation – the children are loving it and the plastic toys are no longer of interest.